Cardano Bare Metal Alliance


A Cardano bare-metal server is a computer that is a single-tenant physical server this is running a Carnado node and is connected to the Cardano network. The computer is not shared between users, unlike cloud hosted servers or other modern forms of virtualisation.

The computer can be in the form of a static device like a Rock-Pi, a desktop, or a rack-mounted computer hardware. It can also be in the form of a mobile device like a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop.


You are about to join Cardano Bare Metal Alliance. By joining us, you are declaring that you are a Cardano Stake Pool Operator, and that your stake pool/s set up includes at least one bare metal server.

We reserve the right to request for further information to verify your declaration and the right to remove your association with Cardano Bare Metal Alliance at our absolute discretion.

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