Cardano Bare Metal Alliance


A Cardano bare-metal server is a computer that is a single-tenant physical server this is running a Carnado node and is connected to the Cardano network. The computer is not shared between users, unlike cloud hosted servers or other modern forms of virtualisation.

The computer can be in the form of a static device like a Rock-Pi, a desktop, or a rack-mounted computer hardware. It can also be in the form of a mobile device like a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop.


Dear Cardano Stake Pool Operators & Visitors,

Cardano Bare Metal Alliance is an alliance formed amongst Cardano Stake Pool Operators who operate their stake pools using at least one bare metal server.

We would like you to join us if your stake pool/s setup includes at least one bare metal server. We believe that while the use of virtual machines by some individual and enterprise level Stake Pool Operators can improve the resiliency of their own stake pool operations and offer a certain level of macro location resiliency to the Cardano blockchain network, due recognition should be given to the collective operations of bare metal servers spread out all over the globe.

We believe that as a collective, we increase the resiliency of the Cardano blockchain network by being physically spread out all over the globe. This physical spread can offer a deeper level of micro location resiliency for the Cardano blockchain network.

To allow ADA Delegators a way to also recognise this value, we will work towards enabling Cardano Bare Metal Alliance as a Portfolio Delegation option when this option is made available in Daedalus Wallet and other channels.

We look forward to your association with Cardano Bare Metal Alliance.

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